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Friends, _____________ and ______________ have invited us here today to share in the celebration of their marriage their wedding.
We come together not to mark the start of a relationship, but to recognize a bond that already exists. This marriage is one expression of the many varieties of love. Love is one, though its expressions are infinite.
It is fitting to speak briefly about love. We live in a world of joy and fear and search for meaning and strength in the seeming disorder. We discover the truest guideline to our quest when we realize love in all its magnitudes. Love is the eternal force of life. Love is the force that allows us to face fear and uncertainty with courage.
But, you must "be of love a little more careful than of anything."
For the giving of yourself in love is difficult, for you must learn to give of your love without total submission of yourself. Therefore, in your giving, give your joy, your sadness, your interest, your understanding, your knowledge all expressions that make up life. But in this giving, remember to preserve yourself your integrity, your individuality. This is the challenge of love within marriage.
-- Source Unknown

You have come here today from your varied life experiences to make public the commitment you have made, each to the other. You come to combine your two separate lives into one.
Although you will be sharing one life, never forget, you are two separate people. Cherish and affirm your differences. Love each other. Keep your commitment primary. Together you will laugh and cry, be sick and well, be happy and angry, share and grow.
Grow, sometimes together, sometimes separately. But never remain stagnant. Love and life are always changing, always new.
If you will ensure a healthy lasting marriage, always, always value each other. Although you will disagree, remember to respect each other's feelings, needs and wants. And above all, never, never lose your sense of humor.
-Joan Kahn-Schneider

______________ and _______________, in presenting yourselves here today to be joined in holy union, you perform an act of faith. This faith can grow and mature and endure, but only if you both determine to make it so. A lasting and growing love is never automatic, nor guaranteed by any ceremony.
If you would have the foundation of your union be the love you have for each other, not just at this moment, but for all the days ahead, then cherish the hopes and dreams that you bring here today. Resolve that your love will never be blotted out by the commonplace nor obscured by the ordinary in life. Faults will appear where now you find contentment, and wonder can be crushed by the routine of daily living.
Devotion, joy and love can grow only if you nurture them together. Stand fast in that hope and confidence, believing in your shared future just as strongly as you believe in yourselves and in each other today. Only in this spirit, can you create a partnership that will strengthen and sustain you all the days of your lives.

Angeline E.M. Theisen

We have come together today to celebrate a union of two hearts.
___________________________ and _______________________,
know now that you are taking a step toward becoming a family, companions, and tied together by the bonds of your love. You have chosen to come forward, today, in front of friends and family to profess that commitment, and we all join in celebrating and supporting your decision. Both joyous and troubled days are part of the life in front of you, and you must remember that you are a team, and with trust, honesty, and faith in each other, you will be able to face all the challenges and trials that lay ahead.

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