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Invitation Examples

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Invitation Wording
There are a couple ways to do this: If the Bride(s) or Groom(s) Parent(s) are hosting, or if the couple themselves are hosting the wedding. And For each of these, there are formal and informal ways to state the hosts names. Listed at the bottom will be changes to make the invitations informal, or how to work with divorced, single, or remarried parents..

Parent(s) Hosting

Mr. and Mrs. Mason S. Dixon


Ms. Suann and Ms. Julia Miles-Shane)

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter(s)

Eliza Marie Mason


Emily Ellen Miles-Shane

Saturday, the sixth of June
Two thousand and two
at half after two o' clock

Loving Family Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

and afterwards at
The Omni Hotel

Couple Hosting

Miss Jennifer Louise Smith


Miss Elizabeth Micah Jones

request the pleasure of your company

to celebrate
their marriage

Saturday, the sixth of June
Two thousand and two
at half after four o' clock

Our Faith Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

and afterwards, for the reception at
The Adam's Mark Hotel

There are several options to alter these formal wordings.
1.) Instead of using 'request your presence', the words 'would like' can be substituted for an informal style.
2.) Instead of the the written out dates, you can substitute:
on Saturday, June 6th 2002
at 4.30pm
Divorced/Single Parents
(If hosted by both parents, consider the blow example as simple subsitutions for one set of parents, and just switch out the original set of parents, leaving the remaining parents as they are in the above examples. )
1.)If your parents are single, just list them individually.
2.)If your parents are divorced, and have not remarried:
Mr. Luis Jefferson 
Mrs. Veronica Jefferson 
3.) If one parent is remarried:
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Jefferson 
Mrs. Veronica Jefferson 
3.) If both parents are remarried:
Mr. Edgar Jones and Mr. Luis Jefferson 
Ms. Veronica and Ms. Joann Jefferson-Simpson