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Ceremonial Unity Candle Ceremony

Thanks to Witches Wed for the following candle ceremony. It's a great site with TONS of wonderful planning ideas!



A new family is established in our midst, and we celebrate this new relationship with the bride and groom. The marriage of [GROOM] and [BRIDE] has called us together because this union touches each one of us.

(The  BRIDE & GROOM light a candle from an altar candle, the OFFICIANT(s) lights his and/or her candle from their flame.  The PRIEST or PRIESTESS lights the candle of GROOMSMAN and the other OFFICIANT lights the BRIDAL ATTENDANT's candle, who then light the candle of the ATTENDANT next to them. The final ATTENDANT moves to light the candle of a GUEST standing at the northern or eastern quarter of the circle. The flame is passed in this manner throughout the CIRCLE.)


This light symbolizes your love and the way in which it has enriched each of our lives. [GROOM] and [BRIDE], may your love continue to light the way on your journey through life together.


To you who are family and friend of [GROOM] and [BRIDE], may the commitment of love which you have witnessed today renew your faith in God and Goddess' (or Deity of choice) love for all Their children.


Unity Celebration
Officiant: As (name) and (name) come together to join their lives, they bring with them a  host of friends and family, who will surround and support them as the move on through life. As they have helped to light the fire that shapes and tempers who (name) and (name) have become today, let us represent that contribution with the lighting of the candles. Each candle burns as a reminder of the steps you have taken toward becoming the men/women you are today.
(This works well if there is a 7 candle candleabra. One person from bride or groom 1's friends comes to the alter, front and lights an end candle. At the same time, someone from bride or groom 2's friends comes to the alter, front and lights the other end candle. Then two more friends, or family come and light the next two candles in.  Then Two more from each family come and light the next two candles, with only one remaining in the center.  The couple then  comes forward to the candles.)
The flames of your spirits have been lit by so many friends and family members, creating two separate fires. Today, may they join together as one, to create  beautiful and brilliant light for all to witness.
(The couple each takes one of the two lit candles  next to the unlit candle, and with each or their own they light the center candle. )

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