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This is a site dedicated to helping couples plan commitmnt ceremonies, handfastings, civil unions,
and other types of union ceremonies. We have a fairly extensive list of links, lots of great information, and best of all, FREE worksheets and templates. We'd be glad to link to any sites,
personal or business, that e-mail us with a banner and or URL. Just let us know,
so we can create a bigger and better resource for everyone! And please, no solicitation calls or e-mails.

We're a free site, dedicated to helping everyone for free. If you ask us for money, then we'll
have to ask our visitors.. and that is not what we are about.

Please bear with us as we revamp our site. Our previously free host at has decided to charge, so we are moving the site. This requires a lot of redesign on our part, this time with an actual web design program! So keep checking back as we get things up and running. And thanks for bearing with us! Note; This is a little new to me, personally, so if the design isn't quite mindblowingly terrific, please give it time as I learn about the programming.

This site sponsored in part by:

To help Sponser our site, and any future activities, please contact us.

We would like to start wedding events and Bridal/Groom Shows specifically with
LBG means in mind. If you are interested in such events, please let us know.
Also, let us know what kind of an entrance fee you would be willing to shell out.
We realize that it would be better free, but w'll have to get started somewhere!

Wedding Links: Great Sites and Pages all about LesBiGay unions and same sex marriage issues.

Pagan : Handfasting, pagan and alternative religion sites

Worksheets and Templates: Find worksheets to help you plan your event, templates for the ceremony,
and tons of great information and how-to items to make your ceremony perfect!

General Links: Links about all aspects of Lebian, Bi, and Gay life.

Vendors: Where to buy LesBiGay items. The lists are broken down into
general vendors and wedding vendors.

Couples: Show your pride and have your information posted here for all to see!

Submit a Site: Know a site that should be listed? Have an idea that we missed?
Well, then, get it into us, and we'll post it!

Comments: Tell us what you think of the site!